Thursday, February 12, 2009

AUGUST 6 - IT WON'T STOP RAINING AND Alexander Solzhenitsyn DIED

190 days ago

He was burried today in Moscow, according to the Christian Orthodox tradition. He looked like Tolstoi and Dostoievski, exbiting an impressive monk beard. A lot of Russian writers had a special relationship with religion, particularly redemption. Film makers too, I still remember Pavel Lunghin's "Ostrov"/ The Island - a heartbreaking description of what Orthodoxys is really about.

Solzhenitsyn's story is impressive and so are his books, depicting the Gulag's life and the Russian communist regime the way they were. I wonder what would I have done under such conditions. I wonder how today's Romanian teen-agers would be if they were born under communists like my generation, standing with one foot on each side. I was definitely marked by it and I am attracted to stories of those times, admirable stories of the human spirit being stronger than its frail body needs.

May the writer rest in peace and may his work have an everlasting life. Amin

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