Thursday, February 12, 2009


925 days ago

Three more days and I'm off to Algonquin Park canoeing and camping for one week (with three guys, God knows how am I going to manage being a member with equal rights and obligations! Never went camping in the woods before, went canoeing only once for a short while - this time there will be portage involved too. But I want to do it so badly. Hope to come back in one piece

Then I'm off to Lac St. Jean, 7 hours towards the North, in a friend's châlet near a lake. The area is also called the blueberry country. That will be a relaxing week.

I'm kind of worried about the answer for the master. They are on vacation until next Monday, then I'm out of here for 2 weeks, what if the answer is positive and school starts in September, will I have the time to get organized? I decided to leave a message in their box advising about my absence.

In one month I dated three guys and I don't know which one is worse...the two that got scared of my bubbling plurivalent versatile personality and ran away after two-three dates or the one who wants too much too fast, desert before appetizers? Definitely the fourth one, which I'm attracted too, but doesn't seem to notice or to care.

So there's one more reason to be happy about leaving all this behind. Escapade...leave your worries behind. Canada I come!

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