Thursday, February 12, 2009


1025 days ago

Easter came and go.

Headache...a bit too much wine today and too much food too. Ran around like a headless chicken yesterday to get some decent piece of lamb, found the last ones (package of organs and leg) for the "terrine" we call "drob" and the roast. And the spinach and filopastry for the family special pie, bread, radish, green onion, eggs and dye...

What for? I did almost all shopping, cooked, washed dishes. For 4, which is not much, and we shared costs. I feel frustrated on one hand, I wished someone really helped me (a friend came last night, but far too late and forgot today she said she will do the dishes). On the other hand, I wanted to cook for Easter, to have people around, and I had it my way. Nobody asked for it, after all. I did it to myself. And all the beautiful evenings of the week I was home cleaning or washing so I can dedicate my week-end to Easter shopping and cooking.

Never again with Romanians though...there is a lack of seriousness I can't ignore. We had a good time, the food came up right, I got an Italian Sangiovese of Toscana Marchesi di Frescobaldi quite remarcable, but it's too much. I wish I had an extra day off.

The church episode was very short and somehow I didn't feel it too deeply.

So life goes on, I can't wait to go see on Wednesday "Projet Andersen" at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde.

I also have to check my ankle, as I have a swallowing that might be filled with liquid and stayed there for quite a while.

Right now - sleeping time

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