Thursday, February 12, 2009


662 days ago

What am I actually missing?

I had brunch this morning with my 6 colleagues from the "Identity & alterity" class and our incredible professor, Luce des Aulniers (I presume her first name means "light", like Lucie, "luce" is actually light in Italian. Last name is "alder" = aulne in French, arin in Romanian). A beautiful name for a bright, sensitive, adventurous and irreverent anthropologist. She works a lot on disease and death. I'm glad I wil study "Anthropological Approaches to Communication" with her in September.

A potlatch tonight at Valérie's place with some of my "United Nations" gang friends.

Argentinian movie "El Aura" tomorrow with a few Spanish speakers.

There is an anxiety lying deep down inside, a fear of something unknown, a certain sadness beneath all masks and smiles. I'm tired of fighting with myself. I'm giving up thinking about tomorrow. Only today exists. And then again I have to think about tomorrow and its uncertainty, because today is only a transition period again, since 2001. All life is a transition, this is what I fail to understand and accept.

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