Thursday, February 12, 2009


1031 days ago

Had such a nice time this Easter holiday.

Friday - The Via Crucis (Way of the Cross?) with a Catholic worldwide association - Communion and Liberation, founded by an Italian, Don Giussani. Then a trip to a "sugar shack" (traditional Québec food and music, in a wooden house in the forest, where they gather the maple syrup). All in the sun, very enjoyable.

Saturday - there was a ceremony at my church, there were around 10 Romanian priests, all dressed up and the Bishop came, all the way from the USA. He was greeted by some four people dressed traditionally, carying bread and salt, according to the customs. Simply beautiful. Then a short trip on some mountain - St. Hilaire, nearby Montréal. Under a small rain, but still great to spend time outside and breath fresh air, enjoy the landscape, the village alond the Richelieu river. The company was also awsome, all Romanians, 3 girls and 2 guys. One of the guys invited us all for dinner and cooked - so nice of him. We might become closer friends quite soon, I'm not hurrying anywhere though. I'm glad we have a lot in common, but I prefer to take my time.

For the rest of the night I went home with my great friend Saj (Sajani) who lives in Cambridge now and was just visiting. We spent time talking and watching my photos. I realized once again how much I missed her and what a great time we have together.

Sunday - had breakfast and lunch with Saj, then met up for coffee with my friend Marcela from Argentina and her friends. One absolutely gorgeous, stunning. But I would doubt we have much in common. A bit too main stream, I guess. For dinner I met my Italian speaking friends Patrizia and Valérie and we joined again the Communion and Liberation for a great potluck, that ended with songs and merriment. It was a great occasion to meet also my Italian friends, mostly from Milano, who introduced me to the group. Before going home I passed by my new Romanian friend's house and we watched "Mystery Train" by Jim Jarmush together, then he took me home (what did you imagine?).

And tonight I had the pleasure to go to the Marco Calliari concert "Al dente". His parents are from Northern Italy and he's playing mostly Neapolitan music. Bellissimo! Very positive and energetic. So I'm in a great mood!

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